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No Matter who you are today, become better tommorrow

No Matter Who
You Are Today

Become Better

Whether you are looking to lose excess fat, build strength and stamina, or learn new skills, our Dynamik classes are for you.

Training Methods

Cardiovascular Endurance

Our programming encompasses a wide range of cardiovascular modalities including running, skipping and barbell work. Our intention is to test your cardiovascular system, improve endurance, increase aerobic capacity and develop maximal grit. 


Strength & Power

We adopt methods from the schools of weightlifting, powerlifting and bodybuilding to help the athlete improve their technique while simultaneously increasing their power output and unlocking their true strength potential.

Mobility and Flexibility

We combine different methods of mobility and yoga, not just as a tool for recovery, but as an aid for better positioning during lifting and gymnastics, making the athlete move safely and effectively. By spending time in different positions, we help develop awareness to increase attainable range of motion. 


Speed & Agility

We Incorporate speed and agility drills to enhance the athlete's quickness, coordination and mental sharpness. These drills promote faster reflexes, preparing and priming the athlete for sports and other activities.

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